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Typescript Source - Tornado UI

Tornado JavaScript is Build On the ES-Next with Typescript provide DOM helpers methods and has React Components for All UI Elements for React JS Integration in this page will get to know every source file and what is it for

Tornado JS

tornado js is writing with Type-Script compiler to be compatible with any thing like React, Angular, Vue or Standalone HTML it works dynamically perfect in this page you will get to know only the files structure and for all methods and functionality you can find each in its own component or the typescript documentation.

Files Structure

the typescript files are organized and divided into two parts the Base tornado methods modules and the React components and first thing is to decide is your app Standard HTML app or is it React JS based app then you work with custom-scripts.ts for the HTML app and react-app.tsx for React Apps

└─ src/Typescript [Tornado Typescript/JavaScipt Source Files]
|├─ Base [Tornado UI Modules]
|├─ custom-scripts.ts [Here Livs any TS/JS Custom Scripts]
|├─ React [Tornado React Components]
|├─ react-app.tsx [Here Livs React App Custom Scripts]
|├─ tsconfig.json [Typescript Confige File]

Tornado Typescript Source Files

Base Modules

this is list of the files in the Base folder explained each module and what does it contains in general if you want to customize the Core JavaScript of tornado you can do it in those files.

└─ src/Typescript [Tornado Typescript/JavaScipt Source Files]
|├─ Base/Tornado.ts [DOM Manipulate Helpers and JS Methods]
|├─ Base/Utilities.ts [Effects Methods Extended from Tornado]
|├─ Base/Navigation-Menu.ts [Navigation Menu Component Assets]
|├─ Base/Forms.ts [Tornado Form Components Assets]
|├─ Base/DataTable.ts [Tornado DataTable Component]

Tornado Typescript Source Files

React Files Structure

Tornado is now fully supporting react and provide all elements and components as React Components and if your working with react you might need to know how tornado react components source code are build to customize it when you need so here is the components file list.

└─ src/Typescript/React [Tornado React Source Files]
|├─ React/Grid.tsx [the UI Grid System Component]

Tornado React Source Files

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