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At Phenix Themes, we specialize in creating custom websites and apps that fit your digital needs perfectly. Our goal? To make sure your site runs smoothly, loads fast, and stays secure. With over ten years in the game, we know what works. Plus, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Ready to take your digital business to the next level? Let’s chat!

Phenix Services

Innovative Solutions for Empowering digital experiences.

Unlock new horizons for your digital projects. Our innovative solutions, backed by expertise and creativity, adapted to your unique needs. Let us accompany you on the journey to success, where your vision becomes a reality.

We Turn ideas into visually stunning UI’s that maximize usability, accurate details and focus on the behavior of an intuitive and engaging experience.

We bring Designs into Life by developing a responsive and interactive UI, With innovative designs that improve your website performance and smooth UX.

Developing a Scalable and Customizable websites using WordPress and Phenix Design System multi-feature solutions to fit your unique business needs.

Developing Scalable Dynamic Web Apps with the power of React JS, Smooth and interactive experience that enhance your digital presence.

Discover Phenix Design System

A Framework for Developers that turn your creative ideas into reality.

With Phenix Front-End Framework for Developers, you can take your applications to the next level By taking advantage of the Front-End framework and pre-built design system tools through Sass/CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript by the components provided by Phenix Design System, developers can create visually attractive web applications that are fully compatible With any other technologies such as React JS, effective in terms of performance, speed, full support for search engines, and system flexibility in building any concept of your design with complete Freedom.

Our Portfolio

Discover the Latest Creative Custom Projects

Discover our recent high-quality designs and developments that showcase creativity and innovation. At Phenix Themes, we strive to exceed your expectations by delivering unique and exceptional experiences.

The project of designing and developing the website for Mada Economic Feasibility Studies Company was executed by the Phenix Themes team. The website features an innovative and user-friendly interface, making it easier for companies to access feasibility study and business plan services. The site employs the latest best practices in design and development to ensure an optimal user experience.

Using the latest web design and development technologies, the “Ejada Translation Services” website has been designed with WordPress and the Phenix design system, ensuring ease of use and high interactivity. The website allows customers to access a variety of translation services easily and efficiently, and with just one click, they can effectively benefit from the services.

Using the latest technologies and the Phenix design system, the “Ejada” website has been meticulously designed with attention to detail, ensuring a smooth and comfortable user experience. The website includes comprehensive information about “Ejada” services, including business consulting, feasibility studies, and market analysis, helping clients make confident and steadfast economic decisions.

Using the latest technologies and the Phenix design system, the “Roadk” website has been meticulously designed with attention to detail, ensuring a smooth and comfortable user experience. The website includes comprehensive information about “Roadk” services, including business consulting, feasibility studies, and market analysis, helping clients make confident and steadfast economic decisions.

Afhamk is an innovative application that simplifies the process of searching for, choosing, and purchasing gifts in an easy and enjoyable way. Thanks to its website design using WordPress and the Phenix design system, Afhamk offers a distinctive shopping experience for its users.

Siteup Marketing strives to realize your digital vision through designing a website that is both attractive and effective, helping you establish a strong online presence and increase your sales. By combining innovative design with modern technologies, Siteup Marketing ensures delivering a unique user experience and significant success in the web world.

That Consulting is an economic consulting and feasibility studies company targeting startups. The informative website aims to showcase the company’s services, expertise, and offered services. The website is designed and developed using the Phoenix design system to achieve a distinctive and attractive user experience.

Submind Courses is an informative service-oriented website dedicated to an online human development training center that offers courses and educational programs. The website is designed and developed using the Phoenix system to provide a comfortable and seamless browsing experience for users.

Al-Shalaa Consulting is a company that provides economic consulting services and feasibility studies. The informative service-oriented website developed and designed aims to provide comprehensive information about the services offered and enhance professionalism and trust in the company. The website is designed and developed using the Phoenix design system to ensure a comfortable and seamless user experience.

Mitanok CV Builder is an advanced application for building and designing resumes. The application features an advanced editor to assist you in designing your resume professionally and attractively. The user interface is developed in collaboration with the Wirex team to ensure a distinctive and user-friendly experience.

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One System for Everyone & Everything

An Exceptional Experience in Building your website and projects.

With Phenix Blocks, developers and content creators can kiss goodbye to starting from scratch. Our extensive library lets you piece together web pages effortlessly, saving time and ensuring consistent design and functionality. Plus, we’ve revamped the WordPress Panel for a smoother user experience, added robust support for search engine optimization, spam protection for forms, and more. Focus on creating content and growing your business while we handle the rest!

Phenix Blocks New Creator Friend

Full-Integrated Design System with WordPress

Thanks to the seamless integration of the Phenix framework with WordPress, developers and content creators now have the power to tailor templates effortlessly. Enter ‘Phenix Components’ – a versatile suite of elements like menus, grids, and forms, fully customizable to suit any project. These blocks are not only responsive but also offer complete control over their properties, ensuring a seamless user experience on any device.

For both beginners and seasoned pros, ‘Phenix Templates’ offer an intuitive interface for building and expanding web applications. Built on the robust Phenix Design System, they prioritize performance and efficiency. Plus, ‘Phenix Blocks’ leverage modern technologies like Sass and TypeScript, providing a lightweight and adaptable solution for diverse project structures and workflows.

Scope of Work

Collaborate with us now through our specialized Services for designing and developing your project.

Business Research

We start the project by researching on your project, your business field, and the objectives you need to achieve.

UX Research

researching User experience and wire-framing according to the requirements of your project and your business.

UI/UX Design

The visual interface is designed with your brand identity based on the wire-frame designed for the user experience.


After completing the user interface design, the design is developed using appropriate technologies for your project.

Testing and Deploy

After the Development of your project, the project goes through a testing phase before being delivered for live deployment.

Journey Partners

Companies and websites that uses Phenix Design System as a framework for design and development structure.

We Oryx

free Tools for All Creatives

Empowering Content Creators & Developers: Faster, Better Web.

Phenix Design System tools have been provided for free to serve the web community and empower content creators, designers, and developers to build creative works. These tools aim to alleviate many challenges and save time, allowing users to focus on delivering valuable and innovative content to users instead of spending time and resources on solving repetitive problems.

The design system is an integrated system that starts with design tools like Figma and Adobe XD, making collaboration between designers and developers easier by speaking the same language through the Front-End framework. With specifically developed tools for content management software, such as Phenix Blocks for WordPress, this collaboration extends to include programmers, helping them build complex application with dynamically integrate data with the design system.

We Got You Covered

Your Website is the search engines best-friends and beloved by users.

Complex mechanisms have been implemented to support the design and content of your website in search engines. The system searches for elements such as images, links, and invalid or missing meta information, and logically adds relevant information to them from the closest content, such as titles or text snippets. This helps search engines to recognize the content of your website more accurately and quickly.

On the other hand, speed and performance are supported by the design system. The underlying system used to build any template or design, no matter how complex, keeps file sizes small when they are loaded to the user. No files are loaded for unused features on the current page of the website, and all unused CSS/Javascript from WordPress is disabled and removed. The design system is built with user experience in mind and provides full support for various visual and auditory devices, such as screen readers, ensuring that your website and application comply with international web standards.

Phenix Speaks All Languages

With Phenix design system, your website can speak all the languages.

With full integration with Google Fonts, the Phenix design system gives you complete control over fonts for every language. The system is built to automatically detect the current language of your website and logically convert all directions (RTL/LTR) without the need for separate settings for your design and content in each language. Through advanced settings within the Phenix system inside your website editor, you can set the headline font and another font for the rest of the text, and specify different fonts for each language available on your website. It provides full support for any translation plugin as well.

In addition to the Google Fonts collection, Phenix Design system offers two versions of the fantastic Font-awesome icon fonts (5/6), which you can use in all system components according to your choice and design concept. It also includes a unique collection of fonts that support multiple languages, including our beautiful Arabic language, available only in the advanced version of the system within Phenix Themes by Abdullah Ramadan. Browse the Product List and explore a distinctive range of templates for your upcoming website.