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A Portfolio Narrating a History of Experience and Creativity Since 2009

Explore an extraordinary journey of development and success with Abdullah Ramadan and the Phenix Design System, spanning from 2009 to the present. Witness a portfolio that reflects a rich tapestry of experience and creativity. Immerse yourself in our remarkable projects, drawing inspiration from the progress and innovation achieved along the way. Join us on this inspiring expedition through a world of creative achievement and ongoing growth.



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The Driksion project is an advanced and interactive platform aimed at enhancing the classified ads experience, similar to Olx and Haraj. It boasts advanced features and broader categories to meet users’ needs. Driksion offers comprehensive user interface design and development services, along with a mobile application that users can easily download to access the platform.

Mazekaty platform is an advanced educational platform aimed at teaching music production online and providing a marketplace for musical products from artists and educational courses. The website offers educational services for beginners and professionals alike, in addition to a music instrument store. The platform’s user interface has been innovatively designed and developed to provide a unique experience for music enthusiasts.

SooqMart’s online store is a comprehensive marketplace offering a wide range of products in all categories. Whether you’re searching for clothing, home appliances, electronics, beauty products, or even pet supplies, you’ll find everything you need at SooqMart. The store stands out with its attractive design and easy-to-use interface, making it easy for customers to browse and find products effortlessly. Additionally, the user interface is continuously developed and updated to provide users with a unique and comfortable shopping experience.

The Oryx UI Multipurpose Template is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses in need of an exceptional user interface for their websites and applications. We offer five different versions of the template, carefully designed to meet various needs. With our innovative and modern design, you can get a fantastic user interface that reflects your company’s identity and enhances the user experience.

Experience a smooth and enjoyable shopping journey through Raw’at Al Safwa, the elite online store. We offer a diverse range of fresh and high-quality food products. Our user interface has been meticulously designed and developed in collaboration with the We Oryx team.

Rassokh platform and store is the ideal place to explore and discover books, visual, and audio content, especially in Islamic and spiritual sciences. The platform offers a wide range of books and audio-visual materials that enhance knowledge and deepen spirituality.

Cables Market is the perfect destination for all your cable needs. Whether you’re looking for cables for smartphones, computers, TVs, or any other electronic device, we offer you a wide range of cables in various types and high quality.

Discover SKS init, a revolutionary trading platform dedicated to importing and exporting solid materials like iron, steel, gold, and diamonds. Our platform offers a diverse range of high-quality products, coupled with the expertise of our specialized team in international trade. Whether you’re in need of industrial-grade materials or seeking reliable business partners, SKS init provides the perfect solution for your trading needs.

At Arc Shoes, we’re dedicated to providing stylish and comfortable footwear that adds a touch of elegance to your look. Explore our diverse collection of innovative shoes designed with the latest fashion trends in mind. With our user-friendly interface design, you can easily browse through products and find the shoes that suit your taste and needs. Shop now and get the shoes that will add a unique touch to your outfit.

Welcome to the Dream Lines Company website, specializing in importing and exporting high-quality hotel supplies. We offer you a wide range of premium products that meet the needs of your hotels with the highest quality standards. From luxurious furniture and practical tools to elegant decorative products, we guarantee you an exceptional experience in equipping and beautifying your hotels. In collaboration with the We Oryx team, we have designed and developed our website to allow you to explore our products and place orders with ease and convenience.

The “Royal Ideas” project is an e-commerce template specialized in selling electronic devices and technology, with the interface carefully designed to provide an easy and enjoyable shopping experience for users.

We are proud to offer user interface design services for the Followers & Flowers project – an online store specializing in selling flowers and roses online. The project aims to provide a unique and distinctive shopping experience for our customers, where they can browse a variety of natural flowers and roses, choose their favorite styles and colors, add them to the shopping cart, and complete the purchasing process easily and securely.

تصميم واجهة المستخدم بشكل استثنائي لتطبيق Gulf Souq – تطبيق للإعلانات المبوبة يشبه حراج الهاتف، ويهدف إلى تسهيل عملية بيع وشراء المنتجات والخدمات المستعملة. تم تصميم واجهة المستخدم بأسلوب حديث وجذاب يجعل التصفح والاستخدام سهلًا وممتعًا للمستخدمين.

The Fashion Store project – an online clothing and fashion store template offers an attractive and intuitive user interface design.

The “Admin Soft” project, the comprehensive store for downloading and selling computer software, was developed in collaboration with the Al Noor Online team.

The “Emirates Broker” project, a website displaying classified ads for cars and their accessories, was executed in collaboration with the Al Noor Online team.

We Turn ideas into visually stunning UI’s that maximize usability, accurate details and focus on the behavior of an intuitive and engaging experience.

We bring Designs into Life by developing a responsive and interactive UI, With innovative designs that improve your website performance and smooth UX.

Developing a Scalable and Customizable websites using WordPress and Phenix Design System multi-feature solutions to fit your unique business needs.

Developing Scalable Dynamic Web Apps with the power of React JS, Smooth and interactive experience that enhance your digital presence.